Youth Climate Ambassadors Conference

Youth Climate Ambassadors Conference

PIDF partnered with Project Survival Pacific (PSP) to organise the Youth Climate Ambassadors Conference, held on the 20th of November at the University of Fiji (UniFiji) in Lautoka and on the 21st of November at Fiji National University (FNU) Nasinu Campus.

Project Survival Pacific (PSP) is a youth-led movement on sustainable development that works to safeguard the survival of the Pacific island people from the impacts of climate change through sustainable development within the Pacific islands region. Since its inception in 2008, PSP has worked to provide youth with a platform to have a voice and bring creative solutions to solve the world’s development challenges. The aim has been to bridge the divide that existed between young people and national/regional/global decision makers through the notion of genuine and durable partnerships.

As part of its Youth Climate Ambassador Program, PSP organizes the Local Conference of Youth Fiji (LCOY-Fiji) – an annual forum for young people from Fiji and other Pacific island countries, to come together and decide how they could become more proactive in addressing the Pacific’s climate change and other sustainable development challenges.

Recent events have emphatically demonstrated the planet’s growing vulnerability to climate change and the fact that it’s not Climate change but the “Climate has changed.” As its impact intensifies over time, it is the children and young people of today who will face the worst effects. Climate change is one of, if not, the most critical global challenges of our times. Climate change impacts range from affecting agriculture, further endangering food security, to sea-level rise and the accelerated erosion of coastal zones increasing the intensity of natural disasters, species extinction, and spread of vector-borne diseases. This issue is of immense importance for every global citizen, hence it requires an initiative against it globally

But far from being passive victims, young people all over the world have begun to fight back on a scale never seen before. Whether through education, technology, science or law, young people far and wide are tapping into their skills to speak up for climate action.

PIDF is committed to helping young people take action to protect the future of our planet. We do this by raising youth voices on the climate crisis and by increasing youth participation to address climate change.

The successful LCOY- Fiji 2019, event was a gathering of young people right before the United Nations Climate Change talks – COP25 in Chile. The theme of this year’s LCOY was “Truth in Action” focusing on sharing the truth of what the climate crisis means for the Pacific community; how we can solve the crisis; and discover how together we can make a real difference in our community.

The thematic areas covered by LCOY – Fiji 2019 was, climate change, oceans, health, green entrepreneurship, food, security, adaptation, mitigation and loss and damage. Each year PSP supports youth delegates to the UN climate change meetings. This December, PSP again has youth delegates who will be attending the UN COP25 climate change talks in Chile who will take the outcomes of the LCOY-Fiji and the youth views to lobby for climate action.

Afsrin Ali, PIDF’s Coordinator Program Management supported the event as a facilitator for the UniFiji Event and as a speaker for the FNU Nasinu LCOY Event.

With the objectives of having a conversation on the truth of the climate crisis and how we solve it. Enabling youth to discuss the issues pertaining to the ocean and climate change nexus in the lead up to the UNFCCC ‘Blue COP25’ in Chile for a blue Pacific continent. Promoting green entrepreneurships among youth that could help towards innovations needed to address Pacific’s climate change and other sustainable development challenges and providing policy formulation training to youth to develop their abilities in becoming more engaged in national, regional and global decision-making spaces for SDGs.

The two events had media coverage, which can be accessed through the following links:

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The YCAC held at the University of Fiji in Lautoka
The YCAC at the Fiji National University in Suva
Great to see young people engaged in these discussions
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