SUVA 14 September, 2017: “It is not that businesses don’t want to engage in green growth by developing green business models or practices, they just have difficulties to figure out how and where to go to begin the process and to also make sure it doesn’t have an impact on their profit margins”.

The comment was made by the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Secretary General, François Martel during an Executive Green Business Breakfast event hosted by PIDF for the top 30 Fiji-based companies and business at the Grand Pacific Hotel, in Suva, Fiji.

“This breakfast presentation was to introduce an innovative set of tools such as the Pacific Green Business Centre (PGBC) and the Pacific Environmental and Climate Exchange (PECX) for the private sector to truly engage in the “whole of society” support to achieve green growth and the sustainable development goals”, said Secretary General Martel.

The business community represented were informed that the PIDF role is to mainstream green growth in the Pacific Islands and support the private sector in engaging in sustainable development and building climate resilience.

Collaboration between the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisations (PIPSO) and PIDF with funding seed provided by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the virtual Pacific Green Business Centre was launched earlier this year to support businesses to be in a position to introduce cleaner technologies and offset their activities while ensuring their profitability.

“The PGBC provides incentives, capacity-building, best practices, manuals, on-business tailored support, and funding opportunities for Green business,” added the Secretary General.

The private sector was also informed that by engaging with the PGBC, businesses could improve brand image, reduce costs of operations, support local community projects for SDGs, increase client and customer base through green image and increase profits. “Investing in sustainability makes good business sense!

“As part of the PGBC, we introduced a new tool called the Pacific Environmental and Climate Exchange (PECX), which was several years in the making by a dedicated group of individuals with a vision for a sustainable development in the Pacific. We joined forces with them to turn the vision into reality,” said Secretary General Martel.

The Pacific Environment and Climate Exchange (PECX) is an innovation and finance hub for climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development projects in the Pacific islands. The PECX mission is to create environmental, climate change and sustainable development solutions by empowering and connecting people, ideas and projects in Pacific island countries with people, ideas and financing from around the globe. PECX is committed to work with the private sector to facilitate and increase its engagement with climate change, conservation and sustainable development activities in Pacific islands countries and support Pacific island countries to manage their resources in a sustainable manner, to build their resilience to the impacts of climate change and assist them in transitioning their economies to a green-blue economy. The business community expressed interest and appreciation to PIDF for providing innovative insight to green business models that can be adapted by local businesses and contribute towards achieving the SDGs.

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