PIDF and Vodafone ATH Foundation launch mClimate channel

Vodafone ATH Foundation Executive Ambalika Kutty (left) and PIDF Secretary-General Francois Martel at the launch of the mClimate Channel.

Suva, Friday 15 December, 2017: The Vodafone ATH Foundation in partnership with the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) launched a new channel mClimate which Vodafone users can access from their mobile phones.

Vodafone ATH Foundation executive Ambalika Kutty said the new mClimate channel offered an innovative and interactive two-way mobile-centered SMS platform. “The platform is to both disseminate information and encourage communities to engage in behaviour that is not only friendly to the environment, but would help reduce the impacts of climate change,” she said.

“In the COP23 Talanoa spirit, this platform enables open discussions involving everyone that is facing the reality of climate change yet are committed to making a difference to reduce its effect.”

“The platform, linked to an ATH Foundation initiative web portal (, will empower our people to share their stories of concern, of how they are being affected and more importantly highlight climate resilience, how they are helping to reduce impact and adapting to climate change to inspire others.” Ms Kutty said the portal would have a dedicated tab under mClimate with a diverse range of multimedia information available on raising awareness on climate change, environment preservation, land degradation, ridge to reef, saving our ocean, food security, renewable energy alternatives, coral conservation, useful tips, stories and videos.

PIDF secretary-general Francois Martel said this was an important step for the PIDF in engaging with the Vodafone ATH Foundation in disseminating relevant information relating to climate change. “Our organisation is one that really is advocating on climate ambition and its urgency,” said Mr Martel. “We found this as a great initiative that will have the chance for us to reach the frontline of climate change,” said Mr Martel.

PIDF is a regional multi-stakeholder organisation working towards transforming the Pacific to Green / Blue economies.In 2015, it served as the platform for Pacific island leaders to endorse the Suva Declaration on Climate Change that advocated for high ambition in climate action and the need to limit global temperature rise to 1.5⁰C to ensure the survival of Pacific people.

PIDF is proud to support Fiji’s Presidency of COP 23 in its effort to ensure the world remains on track to reduce emissions that are contributing to climate change. With its many partners from government, the private sector and civil society, PIDF works at many levels of society.

It uses its conferences, regional meetings and talanoas to influence regional and national policy whereas it also endeavours to improve resilience of communities through its activities and interaction at grassroots levels.

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