Pacific Decade for Sustainable Transport

Pacific Decade for Sustainable Transport: 2020 – 2030

At the PIDF Leaders’ Summit and Conference held in Nadi, Fiji on 29 and 30 July 2019, the PIDF Leaders endorsed a resolution that declared 2020-2030 as the Pacific Decade for Sustainable Transport.

The resolution requested PIDF, together with national, regional and international partners, to coordinate and support efforts that promote sustainable transport, including the promotion and improvement of public transport to reduce emissions and traffic congestion, the promotion of sustainable sea transport through the application of improved designs and renewable energy technology, the use of greener fuels including for aviation, support the production of electricity through renewable energy to support electric powered transport, introduction of ferry boats powered through renewable energy to ease congestion on roads, the promotion of cultural aspects of maritime transport in the Pacific with the revival of traditional canoe building fusing this with modern technological advancements, support member countries in their efforts to reflect transport in the reviews of their Nationally Determined Contributions with realistic but ambitious targets, in their Low Emission Development Strategies and in their National Development Plans.

The resolution also encourages the private sector to invest in the sustainability of the transport sector, and civil society to advocate for greener practices in the sector and emphasizes the necessity for Governments, Private Sector and Civil Society of Pacific Island Countries and Territories to coordinate efforts in the sector that would bring about the greening of the sector.

The Pacific Green Business Centre, with its focus on Sustainable Transport, will support these efforts to ensure Pacific and International private sector involvement and participation.