Pacific seminar addressing aviation emissions

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) organised a seminar in Nadi from 23 -24 May 2018 to promote low carbon aviation efforts.

At the Seminar, ICAO distributed four publications dealing with aviation emissions that they have just published: Renewable Energy for Aviation;  Financing Aviation Emissions ReductionRegulatory and Organizational Framework to address Aviation Emissions; and  Sustainable Aviation Fuels Guide. All these reports are on the PGBC Publications page.

PIDF Secretary General Mr Francois Martel also presented at the Seminar stating that with aviation emissions currently sitting at about 2% of all global emissions, a no action scenario would have made the world’s goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5⁰C almost impossible to achieve. He recognised ICAO’s commitment to a goal of carbon-neutral growth in international aviation from 2020.

Speaking about the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), Mr Martel said that it was up to the Pacific Island Countries to collaborate on a meaningful addition to the development process of the ICAO Global Market Based Mechanism (GMBM) scheme between now and 2020 to ensure to join and support CORSIA as a win-win proposition for Pacific countries.

The CORSIA is considered as an interim measure employed by the aviation industry until the technology reaches a stage where it would be possible to substantially remove emissions from the industry. The Pacific needs to make a greater effort to measure, report and verify the ecosystem services provided by Pacific countries and seek that the the aviation industry appropriately compensates each nation for the offsets these provide globally.

The Seminar also discussed the State Action Plans for Aviation Emission Reductions. Currently only Fiji has submitted one from the Pacific and this is under revision. The Pacific has an opportunity to partner and replicate the State Action Plan Capacity Building project  to deliver and report on sector emissions in Pacific Islands with each Pacific island country submitting a State Action Plan.

In the effort to reduce emissions, proper data needs to be collected and, for the sake of transparency, made available.

The Pacific Green Business Centre is also encouraging Pacific airlines to make voluntary commitments for reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions to set an example to all others to do likewise.

PIDF Secretary General Mr Francois Martel presenting at the Seminar on Aviation Emissions

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