The Pacific Green Business Centre (PGBC) is seeking opinions of influencers in the Pacific on issues related to the Green/Blue economy. It is appropriate that we start this series of opinion articles with one by Mr Howard Politini, Chair of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation, the Pacific private sector umbrella organisation and the private sector partner of the PGBC.

Opinion of …. Mr. Howard Politini, Chair of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO)

“The environment has become a victim of unintended consequences aggravated by the pursuit of strengthening our economies and reaping profits in the global markets making us oblivious to the aggregating hazards and damage to the environment. Ironically the disturbances to nature has awoken the sleeping giant of global warming, climate change and extreme weather conditions assaulting defenceless communities. The search has been on for solutions and now a global effort is deemed to be the only process to attempt to mitigate or minimise the impact. Green Business has become the catch call to magnetise our innovations to converting science and technology to harmonise with our economy in an effort to save the planet. ” Read more.