Interview with Mr. Momin Khan

Mr. Momin Khan, Director Ibda Group (Pte) Ltd

Ibda means Innovation/Invention. Ibda Energy was established with the aim to provide reliable, revolutionary, green, environmental-friendly, and economic solutions to reduce global warming effects and achieve high energy efficiency.

1.What is the inspiration behind Ibda Energy, and what types of products are you offering customers?

Ibda means Innovation/Invention. At Ibda Energy a subsidiary of Ibda Group we believe innovation drives development and technology changes the future. With a mission of saving energy, reducing pollution and slowing down the global warming, Ibda Energy is introducing its “Zero Energy Radiation Cooling technology”.

Global warming has become a common problem faced by all mankind. To reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions humans are seeking together for a Green environmentally friendly innovative solution for wide application.

We in the Pacific face the greatest threat from global warming and rapid climate change. In considering the impact we face by these changes, Ibda Energy is introducing zero energy radiation Cooling technology that has a large-scale industrial application as an innovative cooling technology that is energy free and pollution free.


2. Making ideas such as these a reality, often comes with barriers and obstacles. What were some that you faced, or are still currently facing?

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. We initially dedicated quite a bit of resources in researching on the products as well as looking into its viability and claims. We spent numerous hours on emails, phones and internet researching and getting our facts together. We also did market study to see if the product would suit the Pacific and this involved time and resource in meeting and discussing with different bodies on the product.

Our biggest challenge yet to come would be to convince relevant authorities on the viability of this product and its use case, but are ready to over come this by providing proof of concept and demonstrations.

3. How do you see this challenges being addressed?

We strongly believe this product is a game changer globally and it will be highly accepted in Pacific as we suffer a lot from climate change and to initiate such changes within the Pacific will show the world what we are gearing towards. I guess this will also add a bit towards to fight against global warming.


4. What potential does this “Zero Energy Consumption Cooling Technology” have, and what applications does it have in real life?

The “Zero Energy Consumption Cooling Technology” product has huge potential mainly in fight towards global warming and climate change. Fiji and Pacific are strong advocates of global warming and climate change and by introducing products such as this will surely be a bonus towards the fight.

The product can cool any object it is applied on either be it glass, concrete, wood, etc. We also have fabrics for tents and awnings, caps, parasols, etc.

With the product you can achieve an inside air cooling temperature of 22 – 24 degrees Celsius when the outside temperature is 36-37 degrees Celsius (typical Fiji temperature).

5. How responsive were the public-at-large towards your products and how did you garner their attention and interest?

So far, we have presented to and discussed the product with numerous NGO’s and corporate bodies and the interest was absolutely amazing. Though the product was highly appreciated and accepted, we still need to run more demonstrations and show people the benefits. For this, we are looking forward to work with organizations such as PIDF in ensuring we are able to have maximum reach and at the same time drive the idea and innovation in to public.

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