Interview with Mr. Faiz Khan

Mr. Faiz Khan, Executive Chairman, Airports Fiji Limited.


Mr Faiz Khan is the Executive Chairman of Airports Fiji Limited.

The Pacific Green Business Centre was interested in Airports Fiji Limited‘s green plans and asked him the following:

Q1: What would you describe as your vision for your company in terms of transitioning to a greener business model?

AFL wants to contribute to the fight against climate change through cleaner and more efficient energy usage to reduce carbon emissions.

Q2: What is it that your company has done in this regard?

We have used LED lights throughout the recent Nadi International Airport Terminal upgrade. We are upgrading our incinerator to a new and more efficient one. Our Air Navigation team is working with airlines to come up with various flight path approach options that will allow airlines to save on millions of dollars of jet fuel and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint. We are also exploring the use of solar as an alternative renewable energy source of power for our airports.

Q3: What do you think you could do in the short and medium/long term to bring about this transition?

Education and training is the key for people to change their culture to become aware and mindful of the effect of our actions on the climate. Whilst the projects we are undertaking as described in the earlier answer shows our commitment, we would achieve our goals faster if all in our organization care. For example, if we do simple things such as discard rubbish thoughtfully or reduce waste we will build a culture of awareness and mindfulness on greener environment.

Q4: What could be the obstacles in accomplishing these plans?

If we sit and do nothing.

Q5: Now that we have established a Pacific Green Business Centre, what sort of assistance could the PGBC provide your company to help with this transition?

Training and awareness of greener initiatives.


Note: This is the first of a series of short interviews with executives from companies operating in Pacific Island Countries and Territories. The intention of these interviews is to inspire their peers to consider steps they could take to green their own businesses.