GreenCo’s solutions for clean drinking water

GreenCo’s solutions for clean drinking water

The availability of clean drinking water is a basic necessity for all people, and some regions of the world are still developing the capacity to reliably provide potable water in safe and accessible ways to all urban and rural areas. There is a need for easily accessible water filtration technologies that would be dependable alternatives to permanent infrastructure that is frequently either expensive or intrusive on natural ecosystems. For Pacific Island nations that are vulnerable to contamination from water borne diseases, technologies based on natural water filtration systems provide a sustainable solution to this fundamental problem.

GreenCo is a Fiji based company that works to distribute technologically capable portable safe water units that fulfill targets set at COP23 (the Conference of Parties in 2017 in Bonn, lead through the presidency of the Fijian government), under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that called for water security and water conservation in the Pacific. Considering the increasing frequency of water borne diseases as a result of increased ocean debris brought about by rising sea levels, it is vitally important for people to be able to access fresh drinking water, especially to assist with disaster relief efforts. GreenCo both retails and provides in the case of disaster relief energy independent portable mechanisms that either desalinate and filter microorganisms from naturally occurring brackish water or liquify and purify humidity from the air. Explanations of some of these products are provided below.

SOURCE is a nature based technological water system provided as a Breakthrough Energy Venture (BEV) that is backed by Bill Gates, which draws from the inexhaustible supply of fresh water that exists as moisture in the atmosphere. Using solar panels to power the machinery, a standard SOURCE device on a sunny day replaces the equivalent of a twenty-pack of plastic water bottles by drawing the ambient water from the air to be condensed and mineralized with calcium and magnesium for an optimal taste before delivering the clean drinking water to the taps in a home, business, or any other facility.

Trunz Container Units can efficiently produce thousands of litres of potable water in the event of a disaster situation or in the middle of a desert climate without the need to resupply fuel for large generator sets. With high quality components secured in an easy to install mobile container, all of the components are designed for reduced powerconsumption, relying on fold-out solar panels. Trunz Container Units provide ultrafiltration of fresh water and supply an accessible system for reverse osmosis of salt water and brackish water in order to produce potable in situations where none may be available, replacing the need for plastic water bottles.

KATADYN, the water filtration system that is “making water drinking water,” provides a series of products that all work efficiently and effectively to remove microorganisms from water, making it available for drinking. Micropur Classic Tablets introduce silver ions to water, deactivating bacteria after 2 hours of contact and hindering its growth for up to 6-months. KATADYN Befree Water Filtration System 1.0 L provides ultralight and fast water filtration through a hollow fibre filter in a collapsable reusable flask that is ideal for travelling and hiking. And KATADYN Vario, “the fastest small water pump of the world” uses a ceramic prefilter with a 0.2 micron glasfibre membrane to eliminate mincroorganisms in various water conditions, pumping up to 2L per minute, which is ideal for backpacking and trekking, eliminating the need to carry potable water.

These systems contribute to the Green Economy principles of resource and energy efficiency, equitable and fair treatment for the wellbeing of all people, and the protection of ecosystems in regards to a resource that is increasingly becoming more scarce by providing potable water through safe and reliable sources of advancing technology. GreenCo’s work in providing these technologies in the Pacific Islands is altruistically beneficial to the people that are involved and to the environment as a whole, reducing the amount of water that is wasted in the search for attainable potable water sources.


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SOURCE Hydropanels produce potable water from ambient humidity.
KATADYN Vario - “the fastest small water pump in the world”.
Ultrafast and light KATADYN Befree Water Filtration System 1.0L.
KATADYN Micropur Classic Tablets provide the simplest way to conserve drinking water.