Financial Support

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Sustainable Energy


  • Development Bank of Samoa (Offers small, medium, and large loans. Does not offer loans explicitly for sustainable energy, development, etc. However in the mission statement for the DBS they state that they ‘provide affordable credit financing services to support sustainable development for Samoa’).


  • Community Matters Government of New Zealand (The Trust makes grants to projects that encourage and promote sustainable development in the Pacific and New Zealand, while conserving the natural environment and cultural heritage of its people)

Sustainable Energy


  • International Finance Corporation, A World Bank Group (For private sector to ‘encourage entrepreneurship and build sustainable businesses— advising on… environmental, social and governance standards, energy and resource efficiency, and supply chains’ for clients in developing countries facing development challenges.)
  • Common Fund for Commodities (Support business activities in the field of commodity development, including agriculture, minerals and metals in Developing Countries. The intervention should, besides giving a sound financial return, also provide for a measurable social and environmental return. – Closes 31 October 2018)
  • Asian Development Bank 
  • Equator Initiative (Awarded biennially, last prize was awarded in 2017, the next prize is expected to be awarded in 2019).
  • The Green Climate Fund – Private Sector Facility (Unless accredited, businesses need to work with an already Accredited Entity for submission of proposals and implementation).

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