Electric vessels from Fiji

Electric Powered Vessels from Fiji.

Electric powered vessels are not new but with changing technology and a World population looking for a greener future they are starting to be looked at more closely.

Rokola Director Wayne Jones, built the first fully electric solar powered vessel for a European client in Australia using “Duflex” lightweight panels. The 10.5m Catamaran was powered by only two 30HP electric outboards fitted to the vessel in internal wells. With a cruise speed of 10 knots and top speed of 15 knots the vessel wasn’t going to win any races, but it was quiet, comfortable and cost nothing to run. The boat boasted two double cabins and two bathrooms downstair and large comfortable Saloon and Galley area on the bridge deck.

The development of a smaller catamaran for personal or resort use has been developed by Rokola’s other Director, Arnie Duckworth. This current model vessel is powered by twin 20HP outboards but is being adapted to run Electric drives. This will be a fun boat to drive and also quiet, not disturbing other users of the waterways and beaches.

The Company has been discussing with Naval Architect Noah Thompson, designs for electric drive tourist ferries and adventure vessels commercially for some time.

The New 11.9m Hybrid Thunder Catamaran was developed for tourist industry in mind which will not only save on the use of fuel but will also help the green house effect.

Fully electric driven boats for Eco Tours where not only noise pollution but pollutants from the engine do not enter the eco system is a must for the future.






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