Electric vehicles to be produced in Fiji

Electric Vehicles to be produced in Fiji.

Rokola, a Fiji company involved in a number of start-up projects with sustainability at their core, is in the process of setting up Electric powered vehicles manufacturing in Fiji. The Directors of Rokola feel that with Climate Change and pollution being a major topic when it comes to manufacturing products or operating a business, the introduction of Electric and Solar Powered Transport is a priority to help reverse the damage being caused to our atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels.

For this reason Rokola will be manufacturing a number of electric vehicles for the local market including cars, bikes, delivery vehicles and off-road all terrain vehicles for work or weekend fun.

An Electric bike

Rokola will be producing an electric bike in Fiji. The bike is manufactured from Duflex, Carbon Fibre and Titanium. Rokola claims it would be rated as in the top ten electric powered push bikes in the world, with a space age look and capable of 60 Km/hour. Rokola Director, Arnie Duckworth is the developer of the E-bike and has already been manufacturing the electric powered bike in Thailand. Rokola will be producing this bike in Fiji at it’s facility in Teidamu, Ba. The bike is currently sold as a kit set for the DIY handyman or fully completed.

Electric cars

The building of a classic design car from composite material and Carbon Fibre will be the first electric vehicle to be built in Fiji. Rokola also has plans to build electric powered Delivery Vehicles and Off Road All Terrain vehicles for work or weekend fun.


Once Rokola starts the manufacture of electric vehicles, batteries become a topic of major concern.  Rokola will be manufacturing Liquid Cooled Lithium Batteries for use in Motor vehicles and Electric powered water craft. Rokola Director, Arnie Duckworth, says that the batteries are currently in development and shortly the company will be moving to the trial stage. The battery is being developed to give a greater range for electric vehicles to travel between recharges and will be more affordable than current lithium batteries available to the Pacific market. It will also be able to be used in Hybrid vehicles.

The Pacific Green Business Centre will keep following these developments closely and will keep bringing updates on progress of these initiatives.


Kings Highway, Matawalu Teidamu, Ba. Fiji Islands
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