Fiji Green Packaging Steering Committee

Fiji Green Packaging Steering Committee

The Ocean is central to Pacific people. Unfortunately the oceans of the world are today suffering from a number of stresses including over-fishing, acidification and pollution, including plastic pollution. We are today just waking up to the impact that our consumerist lifestyles are having on our oceans. Pacific islands countries are taking steps to reduce and even eliminate plastic pollution.

Following two Plastic phase-out Talanoas held in Fiji on the 12th and 13th June 2017, a Fiji Green Packaging Steering Committee was established.

The partners forming part of this Steering Committee are:

   Government Ministries and Departments
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism
Fiji Revenue and Customs Service
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Health

   Regional/International Organisations
Pacific Islands Development Forum
Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Global Green Growth Institute

   Academic Institutions
The University of Fiji
The University of the South Pacific

   Statutory bodies and CSOs
Suva City Council
Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation
Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Fiji Hotels and Tourism Association
Suva Retailers Association
Fiji Council of Churches
Fiji Fuel Retailers Association
Fiji Grocers Association
Fiji Competition and Consumer Commission

Other organisations interested in joining this partnership are encouraged to approach Ms Afsrin Ali on email

In its first meeting the Steering committee endorsed its Terms of Reference (TOR). The TOR determines the primary objectives of the Steering Committee as being:

  • Provide a forum for multi-stakeholder collaboration and develop an action plan or roadmap towards reducing plastic waste;
  • Create a research & development network to coordinate efforts across sectors; and
  • Establish a public awareness campaign to promote appropriate standards and practices in management of waste, recycling processes, and alternatives to petroleum-based plastic.

See the following documents:

Report of the Plastic phase-out Talanoas (12/13 June 2017)
Terms of Reference of the Fiji Green Packaging Steering Committee
Minutes of the first Steering Committee Meeting (6 March 2018)
Minutes of the second Steering Committee Meeting (16 April 2018)
Minutes of the third Steering Committee Meeting (27 November 2018)
Minutes of the fourth Steering Committee Meeting (16 April 2019)
Minutes of the fifth Steering Committee Meeting (5 July 2019 – coming soon)


Terms of Reference of the Fiji Green Packaging Steering Committee