Bamboo Core Composite Paneling

Bamboo Core Composite Paneling for Residential and Commercial Buildings.

With the introduction of composite technology in today’s world we can now manufacture products quicker, lighter and stronger than before.

Rokola Director Arnold Duckworth invented the “Duflex” panel system which has halved the build time on building composite boats (see That translates to a significant cost factor when it comes to competing with other builders worldwide.

Rokola’s new panel with a bamboo core is cost effective not only in the housing sector but also in the commercial construction of offices and factories.

With specialized treatment equipment, Rokola is able to preserve the bamboo without the use of chemicals, and this helps not only protect the environment, but also animals and humans alike. The preservation of the bamboo core ensures a long life and structurally sound panels, making it a first choice when it comes to building.

Using formulated adhesives, and bonding the outer laminates using ‘West Epoxy’ systems, Rokola was able to produce quality insulated panels with a variety of finishes making the product suitable for local village housing, resorts and high end housing accommodation.

Kit Homes

Typical house construction requires framework whereas the “Rokola Panel” is self supporting. Just like the Duflex boat system, it is quick to erect on site and services can be easily run through pre-inserted tubing when each panel  is custom manufactured for each individual house plan.

Commercial Buildings

Reducing the use of steel in the construction of commercial buildings also helps the environment. Using locally grown core material helps with not only the economy but by trapping the carbon from release into the atmosphere. It is a win-win situation. With the use of aerospace engineers, Rokola can engineer structures to meet local and international standards.

Selling points.

The selling points of this product include:

  • Good for the environment and climate change
  • Cyclone Rating
  • Natural Insulation against Heat and Cold
  • Quick On Site Construction
  • Cost Effective
  • Attractive






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