Bamboo Talanoa

Talanoa: The Potential of Bamboo as part of Green Transformation.

This Talanoa was organised by the Pacific Islands Development Forum with Fiji’s Ministry of Forests and the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation in Suva, Fiji on 22 August 2018.

The Talanoa brought together a number of stakeholders to discuss the future of the bamboo industry in Fiji, and offered an opportunity for all those interested in the sector to offer their views on the proposed Bamboo Centre.

The PIDF considers Bamboo as an incredible resource in the Green Economy and potentially an important component of the Green transformation sought in the Pacific. The versatility of Bamboo could offer an important source of rural employment and income for local communities, and contribute to a green transformation in support of climate resilience and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The PIDF recently attended the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC2018) held in Beijing, China, and the knowledge and networks from this conference, together with a developing relationship between the PIDF and INBAR – the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation, provides the foundation on which to build genuine partnerships and drive transformative change towards green growth and increased resilience.

Bamboo is a native species across the Pacific, and some species have also been introduced – all have found traditional uses but efforts in developing a small cottage industry, through workshops and trainings have not been followed and scaled up. In this regard, PIDF has initiated discussions on the establishment of a Bamboo Centre in Fiji.

This Talanoa sought to:

  • Set the scene of bamboo development in Fiji and the Pacific Islands;
  • Highlight the outcomes of the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress 2018;
  • Give an outlook on bamboo development on the global stage including innovations, products and services for community development and resilience;
  • Present and discuss a concept for the establishment of a Bamboo Development Centre in Fiji; and
  • Foster interactive discussions and proposed next steps for bamboo development in Fiji and the Pacific Islands.

The participants at the Talanoa agreed on a number of steps to be taken. These were:

  • PIDF to use the Pacific Green Business Portal to publish web-pages on bamboo development.
  • The participants agreed there was a need to establish a Fiji Bamboo Association that brings together the different private stakeholders involved in bamboo development in Fiji. PIDF offerred to act as Secretariat of the Association if it is needed. It was proposed that the Association will develop a constitution and a Strategic Plan.
  • PIDF to pursue funding for the establishment of the Bamboo Centre in accordance with the shared concept paper.
  • The Ministry of Forests to confirm who in government will be primarily responsible for bamboo development in Fiji.
  • PIDF to continue consultations with stakeholders to determine priorities in the development of the bamboo industry and build a partnership network on the subject.
  • PIDF and PARDI2 to jointly produce a compendium on bamboo for the Pacific region.
  • Another Talanoa to be organised once funding for the Bamboo Centre is confirmed.

Please peruse the following documents:

Bamboo Talanoa Concept Note
Bamboo Talanoa Agenda
Bamboo Talanoa Flyer
Bamboo Centre Concept Paper
Welcome address by PIDF Secretary General Francois Martel
Opening remarks by Conservator of Forests Ms Sanjana Lal
Presentation by Ms Selaseini Bureni
Presentation by Mr Sukulu Soko
Presentation by Mr Francois Martel
Presentation by Mr Masi Latianara
Presentation by Mr Mark Borg

Please also download the full Talanoa Report

PIDF Secretary General delivering his welcome remarks at the Bamboo Talanoa

Ms Sanjana Lal, Fiji’s Conservator of Forests

H.E. Qien Bo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, at the Talanoa.

Ms. Salaseini Bureni, Fiji, Ministry of Forests, providing a background to bamboo development in Fiji

Mr Sukulu Soko, Sunnyville Bamboo, discussing his efforts for the sector in Fiji

Mr. Masi Latianara, Habitat for Humanity Fiji, presenting on the potential of bamboo for construction

Mark Borg, PIDF, presenting the Bamboo Centre concept

Mr William Ngan of Kinton International Group sharing his views

Ms Iwona Piechowiak from the Pacific Community discussing partnership opportunities

The Talanoa was very well attended bringing together Bamboo Stakeholders