Bamboo – Construction

Bamboo – The wise person’s timber

Bamboo can be used in a number of construction projects, whether these are for high end residences or tourist resorts or for affordable housing. Strong, light and sustainable, bamboo is an infinitely versatile yet still under-exploited building material.

It is an extremely versatile material both in its more natural cane form as well as in a composite form.

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Affordable Housing

Bamboo is a fast growing plant, actually a grass – be it a giant grass, and thus can be harvested every three to five years (depending on the species and the environment it’s growing in). This makes bamboo a very affordable building material when compared to timber taken from trees that can take anything between 15 and thirty years to grow enough for harvesting.

There are many ways that bamboo can be utilised for affordable housing including for poles, walls, roofing, stairs, etc. In fact its use in construction is endless and is dependent only on the imagination and skills of the builder.

Below are some examples of houses built from bamboo materials.

High End Construction

Tourist resorts were probably the first to realise the potential of bamboo for high end construction going after the natural look the material brings to any building.

In the last decade, however, bamboo became a much sought after material in the high end residence markets providing architects with endless options on ways to use this beautiful material both in its cane form and its composite form.