Post MEPC72 Talanoa: Shipping Emissions – “What is in the initial IMO Strategy and what does it mean for the Pacific?”

This Talanoa was organised by the Pacific Islands Development Forum and the USP/RMI Micronesian Centre for Sustainable Transport bringing together a number of stakeholders to discuss the outcome of the 72nd Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC72) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The PIDF Secretary General said the meeting “was deemed a success by the IMO and its members. In a nutshell, after lots of deliberations and posturing, the meeting agreed to reduce shipping emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 levels. This outcome, though less ambitious than what the Pacific would have liked, and what we need to save our Pacific peoples and their livelihoods, is a step in the right direction. It sends a signal to the industry that they need to make the changes necessary to move the maritime shipping sector towards eventual zero emissions. There is therefore a need for increased research in the use of renewable energy in shipping and zero carbon fuels and development of better efficiency ship designs.”

The purpose of this Post MEPC72 Talanoa was to elaborate on the decisions made at, and outcomes of MEPC72, particularly the Initial Strategy, and what these mean for Pacific member states. Further negotiations are expected at MEPC73 and it is imperative that the Pacific unite to address this important climate change related issue.

The Talanoa comprised of presentations by four eminent shipping emissions professionals who have been instrumental in guiding Pacific delegations leading up to and during discussions at the IMO. The presentations were followed by discussions.


Please peruse the following documents:

Post MEPC72 Talanoa Flyer
Post MEPC72 Talanoa Programme
Opening remarks by PIDF Secretary General Francois Martel
Presentation by Dr Tristan Smith (UCL)
Presentation by Alison Newell (USP)

The report from the Talanoa is available here.

Post MEPC72 Talanoa Flyer
Report of the Post MEPC Talanoa