GreenCo’s solutions for clean drinking water

The availability of clean drinking water is a basic necessity for all people, and some regions of the world are still developing the capacity to reliably provide potable water in safe and accessible ways to all urban and rural areas. There is a need for easily accessible water filtration technologies that would be dependable alternatives to permanent infrastructure that is frequently either expensive or intrusive on natural ecosystems. For Pacific Island nations that are vulnerable to contamination from water borne diseases, technologies based on natural water filtration systems provide a sustainable solution to this fundamental problem. Read more.

Electric powered vessels from Fiji.

Electric powered vessels are not new but with changing technology and a World population looking for a greener future they are starting to be looked at more closely. Rokola Director Wayne Jones, built the first fully electric solar powered vessel for a European client in Australia using “Duflex” lightweight panels. The 10.5m Catamaran was powered by only two 30HP electric outboards fitted to the vessel in internal wells. With a cruise speed of 10 knots and top speed of 15 knots the vessel wasn’t going to win any races, but it was quiet, comfortable and cost nothing to run. The boat boasted two double cabins and two bathrooms downstair and large comfortable Saloon and Galley area on the bridge deck. Read more.

Bamboo Core Composite Paneling 

With the introduction of composite technology in today’s world we can now manufacture products quicker, lighter and stronger than before. Rokola’s new panel with a bamboo core is cost effective not only in the housing sector but also in the commercial construction of offices and factories. With specialized treatment equipment, Rokola is able to preserve the bamboo without the use of chemicals, and this helps not only protect the environment, but also animals and humans alike. The preservation of the bamboo core ensures a long life and structurally sound panels, making it a first choice when it comes to building. Read more.



The Pacific Environment and Climate Exchange is an innovation and finance hub connecting project ideas in the Pacific islands with financing from around the globe.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses everywhere are introducing CSR frameworks as a measure for giving back to the community of customers that makes their business viable.


Green Initiatives

Businesses everywhere are taking action to make their activities greener… friendlier to people and environment. The initiatives  profiled here are meant to inspire similar action.


“How to” Guides

Businesses want to become greener. But how do they do so? With these guides you can start tomorrow taking steps to transition to a green business while making more profit.



We are not alone with this vision of greening business. There are resources being developed around the world that can help us in our own transition to a greener business model.


Financial Support

Going green brings savings; thus it makes long-term financial sense. However if you need financial support to set you on the right track, see some options for your business.



Blue Economy

Large ocean nations like ours in the Pacific need to start looking at themselves as Blue Economies. We need to maximise returns from the blue economy while ensuring adherence to sustainability principles.


Sustainable Energy

Energy is an important, at times considerable, component of the expenses of any business. Turning to renewables would benefit both the environment and the bottom line of any business.


Green Packaging

Our lands and seas have become clogged with plastic and other litter derived from bags and packaging materials. Businesses need to take the lead and start the transition to greener biodegradable packaging.


Sustainable Agriculture

The organic movement is addressing the world’s reliance on chemicals to grow our plants and vegetables, shifting to greener production with benefits to the environment and our health.


Sustainable Tourism

Tourists come to the Pacific to enjoy our pristine environment. We need to ensure tourism contributes to the environment to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs.


Sustainable Transport

Transport is another important component of business expense. Bringing sustainability in your transport needs is good for the planet and your bottom line.


Natural Resources

We are blessed with natural resources that can give us income generation opportunities. Our people can prosper through the sustainable use and proper management of these natural resources.


Business & Human Rights

There is no real development in a country unless people’s rights are properly observed. Although the safeguard of people’s rights is primarily the role of governments, business also has an important role to play.


The Pacific Green Business Centre

The Private Sector and SDGs

The Pacific Green Business Centre aims to provide support to the Pacific Private Sector in designing and implementing strategies to make their businesses more sustainable while remaining profitable. It also aims to promote industries that support the Green/Blue Economy such as Sustainable Tourism, Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Forestry and Fisheries.

SDG 6 aims to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The Private Sector needs to ensure it eliminates any dumping of waste or release of chemicals that could pollute fresh water sources. There is a need to also take steps to make efficient use of water and eliminate water wastage. Businesses involved with the sale of hardware need to provide affordable and good quality alternatives for materials used in improving water and sanitation infrastructure. The Private Sector could also consider devoting some of their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to improving water ecosystems and the water and sanitation conditions of local communities.